Last-Minute Holiday Tips and Gift Tips From Jeni Bond of

Need some last-minute holiday entertaining and gifting advice? Check out these tips from lifestyle expert Jeni Bond, from

According to Jeni:

“Affresh Specialized Cleaners make after-party clean up a snap! Their Stainless Steel Mousse gently cleans fingerprints and smudges, leaving appliances streak-free and shiny. Their Disposal Cleaner tablets are formulated to clean and remove odor-causing residues from garbage disposals with a powerful foaming, action. And their Dishwasher Cleaner tablets can be used to help descale dishes and glassware during routine wash cycles. Visit to find out where these products can be purchased.”
“Zelle offers a new way to holiday gift your friends and family money faster and safer, right from your mobile banking app. Zelle is safe and easy, and typically takes place within minutes—when the sender and recipient are both registered. The sender needs to know only the recipient’s email address or phone number. Most likely, you already have Zelle as part of your mobile banking app. Visit for a complete list of banks and credit unions.”
“Cool Effect is a non-profit that allows you to take action against climate change by providing funding to carbon reduction projects around the world. At, you’ll find six tax-deductible gift packs to choose from. Each helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, along with benefits for local citizens and wildlife. You’re ablee to choose a donation amount. And each gift comes with a certificate with the recipient’s name; instructions on how to create an origami figure; and a special message from you.”
“The Kenneth Cole Mankind Hero fragrance is a combination of fresh mountain air, rich woods and black vanilla. The fragrance has partnered with Big Brothers Big Brothers Big Sisters of America for their ‘Hometown Heroes’ campaign, which highlights the importance of mentorship and community outreach. For every purchase of their specially-labeled Limited Edition Kenneth Cole Mankind Hero Fragrances, $2.00 will be donated to the organization. Visit to order.”

For more information, contact: Jeni Bond on Twitter @JeniBondSays or Barry D. Miller, Miller/Weiner Communications at 551-697-3007 or

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